TSI & Rising S Company Collaborate To Bring Ground-breaking Underground Bunker VR Experience [Case-Study]

VR is growing every day and expanding its stronghold over fields never before tapped. Tejada's latest VR venture includes collaboration with widely respected Rising S Company based out of Texas. Together both teams have collaborated to develop a groundbreaking virtual reality experience that allows their users and potential clients to explore their floor plans real-time in virtual reality. With their entire current lineup being the target for the software development, Rising S now has a huge arsenal of floor plans available at their disposal to show off at trade shows, events, and more. 
Before we delve into the specifics of the project, we are going to go over a bit of the client's background history and intended usage for the solution. Rising S Company is a manufacturer based out of Texas which produces a wide range of products including heavily fortified underground bunkers. They hold the very prestigious distinction of being the largest underground bunker manufacturer in America. They develop bunkers for both personal, military, shelters, and other usages. They are avid frequenters of the prepping trade shows and the preppers community. 

Rising S Company had a concern that needed attention. They had a plethora of professionally engineered bunkers and floor plans but allowing potential clients to view what these floor plans would look like prior to development was an issue. Ensuring that a client is satisfied is always top priority with any business, Rising S Company being no exception. They needed a solution that would allow them to demo off all over their current existing lineups without having to sacrifice heavy capital in actually developing models for display. Not to mention, that the amount of space required to develop all of these floor plans would also pose a potential issue. The decision was then made to turn to 3D rendering and development as a viable means of displaying their lineups. 
When contacted by Rising S Company we were initially tasked with the creation of 360 video renders of the Bunkers for usage in promotional online and print materials. However, after engagement in the project grew further we've discovered the potential usage benefits of the Oculus VR headset. The project then developed from a simple 360 rendering project to a full blown and groundbreaking virtual reality experience. With the Oculus VR now available towards our disposal we were able to rewrite the rules of client immersion and experience, all while solving the preliminary concerns. Under the guidance of the team not only was the client able to solve the initial concerns, but the team was also able to solve other not yet though of issues as well. A good example of an issue solved was an issue in relation to trade shows. Trade shows are a very effective medium of company promotion and in the past the company would load a small bunker model onto a tractor trailer to take to their exhibitions for display to the public. Developing the virtual experience allowed the team to totally avoid the need for this and just offer an in-depth and very detailed tour of all bunkers with nothing more than a very portable headset. TSI's solution was very effective, it solved currently existing concerns and solved future concerns before they even became apparent. 
Currently the VR experience allows for
Real-Time user exploration
Deployable to multiple VR platforms including Oculus, HTC Vive, Gear, and more
Presenter control of user navigation (presenter can control where the user visits in the experience)
Fully accessible library of all Bunker floorplans
Pre-determined flight paths
Full 360 video and imaging export
With plans to add more features such as furniture libraries, color changers, and more customization features.
The developed virtual reality experience helps Rising S Company to answer client potential questions once very hard to answer. These questions included important buying factors such as:
Who do these bunkers fit?
How does it feel to be inside of one of these bunkers?
What can I do or put inside of these bunkers? 
Where can I put one of these bunkers? 
Why should I consider purchase of one of these bunkers? 
As a team, TSI is very proud and happy to be a part of collaborating with Rising S Company to assist in the development of these virtual bunkers. It has been a very exciting experience helping Rising S Company introduce this groundbreaking technology into their industry and revolutionize the way potential clients interact with the manufacturer. For more information on bringing this technology to your industry feel free to contact us or if you'd like to view some beauty shots of the final products then please feel free to look below or visit the links for 360 renders of the bunkers.