5 Important Reasons Why Real Estate Professionals Should Consider 3D Renderings?

3D Proptery Rendering


3D Rendering of a Property on the Market

There's no secret that the world of Real Estate is constantly evolving and being updated. This forces most professionals to constantly have to stay up to date on the newest techniques, methods, regulations, and markets. During this day and age, anything that can be seen as a method of gaining advantage is more than welcome. 

One of the most difficult tasks right now in Real Estate is driving consumer interest in properties. A lot of time real estate agents are limited by many facets including distance, dedicated showing times, and more. It is no secret that some of the largest real estate firms are utilizing 3D Rendering technology to help capture and evaluate interests in markets. There are many benefits to 3D Renderings that could aide in the sale of a property or properties. Especially those new developments or developments still in progress. However, this does not mean that only new properties can benefit from 3D Renderings. Existing properties, fixer-uppers, and all other properties can benefit from 3D Renderings. With 3D Rendering becoming more affordable everyday now is a great time to dabble in the field and see what it can do for you.

Throughout our years of experience in the field, we've decided to compile a list of what we believe to be some of the greatest benefits you gain from introducing 3D renderings to your Real Estate effort. 

1. Put your best face forward - Let's face it, your clients are home buyers not visionaries or designers. This can make the process of selling a less desirable home much more difficult, no matter how much you tell them just how much better it can look with some updates.  For those of you involved in the business of investment properties or fixer-uppers you know the difficulty associated with selling a property that doesn't necessarily look its best. Utilizing renderings we can take currently existing structures and create high-fidelity 3D and photorealistic images of them. Throughout this process, that same property can get all of the necessary love and adjustment it needs to be deemed good enough for someone's home. It can also help drive interest in the property by showing potential buyers the possibilities, rather than speaking about them. 

2.Sell properties before they're constructed - Help sell properties still under construction or in development.  Selling new developments or properties still under construction is no easy feat. 3D Renderings help aide in the process by providing a tangible image and visualization of what exactly that property will look like when it reaches completion. This is great for selling individual properties or entire communities. For large scale jobs, consider 3D Animation as a method of creating virtual tours of the properties/communities. Combined with new 360 Tour technology, this allows your clients to spin and tumble in real time. 

3.Reduction in showing costs - Reduce costs associated with in person showings and help focus on other important tasks that lead to actual closings. Every Real Estate agents knows the feeling of showing a very indecisive client around in the hopes of a purchase. This costs you and/or your agency time and money, especially if you end up with a client that doesn't commit. 3D Renderings and Animations can help you eliminate the potential for this unnecessary cost/situation due to its amazing previewing capabilities. New technology has emerged to allow your clients to tour homes in real time, with 360 views. Combined with groundbreaking technology such as Virtual Reality, you can show clients properties in real time from the comfort of your office without ever having to step foot out until your client is more determined and sure. 

4.Give the power of customization to your clients - Allow your clients the ability to pick their ideal outcome for a property they're interested in. Every good salesperson knows that the act of giving your clients more power or control over what they want can prove to be an unparalleled sales tool or technique. It's no secret that people feel more much comfortable when they're in control. 3D Renderings, 3D Animations, Interactive Tours, and DreamViz allow you to get this done. Give the power of customization to your clients. If your client thinks a property they like would look better with a red kitchen, then the technology is there to allow them to do so. With new interactive solutions on our behalf, getting a favorite property and changing things such as wall color is as easy as the click of a button. Other options available include things such as live furniture libraries, 360 tours, and more. For more information on these services, you can always contact us.

5.Drive investor interest - Show your investors the vision they are buying into. Gaining investor interest is becoming an ever increasingly difficult task, especially with a recovering economy. Investors are becoming more and more careful with the ways they invest their capital. 3D Renderings can help you secure that investment and sway investors in your favor. Since in the technology we have the ability to visualize real life scenarios, we can create and draft likelike scenarios showing the investment in action. Picture a brand new mall full of life, full of highly desirable shops, and most importantly full of shoppers. With 3D renderings, you or your investors will no longer have to picture any of that as our services create the visualization and image needed to be associated with the thought. 3D Renderings and Animations can be an absolute great way to help you secure that investor or investors. 

Let's not forget one of the most important reasons you should consider 3D Renderings as a Real Estate professional, the fact that your competitors are most likely already using the technology. 

The benefits of 3D Renderings and Animations do not stop here. The list is ever-growing and evolving in new ways we can utilize this technology to help satisfy a growing Real Estate market. These benefits and reasons listed are just our personal opinions based on our years of experience doing high fidelity visualizations for some of the largest firms. Obviously while 3D Renderings alone can not do the selling for you, it can help you gain an absolutely paramount advantage. Especially when most of your competitors may be already utilizing the technology. If you're interested in what 3D Renderings, 3D Animations, Interactive Tours, 360 Videos, Drone Flyovers, or DreamViz can do for you, then please contact us.