What are 3D Renderings? 

3D renderings are best described as computer generated visualizations of ideas and concepts. These images are used frequently and widely throughout a multitude of industries including the real estate, commercial, movie, production, vehicle, construction, law enforcement, and manufacturing industries to help create a visualization of what a finalized product would look like. 3D Renderings offer additional flexibility over their digital photography or filmography counterparts due to their infinite customization possibilities. Not to mention, the cost of re-rendering from a different angle or using a different color way could be significantly less than re-hiring a professional photographer or having to re-manufacture. For more information, please visit our front page or you may visit this great article at Wikipedia for an even more in-depth explanation. 

It is important to note that all of these policies are subject to change without notice. Please refer to your contract agreement for the most up to date and accurate terms and conditions. 

What is your pricing policy? 

We understand that your project, just like every project is unique. It is usually due to this that we do not offer standard fees and rates. However, we both very indie and corporate friendly. While we can't offer a standard pricing policy, some things to keep in mind that may affect pricing are factors such as final output resolution, animation, turnaround time needed, additional support needed, amount of modeling that needs to be custom, amount of texturing that needs to be custom, size of the project, and final pre-calculated rendering times. 

What is your revision policy?

We offer a very flexible revision policy. Unlike other studios and competitors, we proudly offer revisions included within your package. In the event you need additional or a unique revision that is not described within your final agreement, then you may easily add-on to your project at a low-negotiated price.

What are your turn around times? 

Our turn around times will vary on a project by project basis. Due to the fact that we have a full staff on hand and in house render farms, we are able to offer much quicker turn around times than both many of our competitors and individuals. Ultimately, turn around time will boil down to your project's complexity and timeline need. In most cases, we're able to provide our clients with a 3-5 day turn around period.

What is your payment policy?

We offer many flexible payment options and policies. Our standard policy is to take a 50% deposit up front prior to any project start. Your final payment will be remitted after project delivery and approval. For large projects totaling over $2,500.00 USD we are able to offer milestone payments which effectively allow for a break up of the payments. Contact us to discuss more.

As of 2/25/2017 we currently these forms of payments: 

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • Wire-transfer (For projects totaling over $1,000.00 USD)

Your payments are secure within our system. All payments are processed securely with world class protection from both Wave and PayPal. Your payments adhere to US standards in protection. We do not store any payment information. 

Are your services truly domestic to the United States? 

Yes, all of our services and projects stay 100% truly domestic to the United States. We are one of the few and only firms that proudly operates 100% domestically without any outsourcing. Your project from start to finish is handled in the US. This includes processing, modeling, lighting, rendering, and post production. All of our support is local to the United States as well. 

What about NDA's and Non-Compete agreements? Are you able to sign them?

In regards to NDA's, we are more than happy to sign non-disclosure agreements on a case by case basis. Please understand however, that due to certain restrictions any NDA's that include non-compete agreements may not be qualified underneath our policies for acceptance. If your agreement includes any non-compete clauses, please forward them to us for review so that we can have our legal department give final approval on signature. More than often, we are able to accommodate these requests.  

Do I qualify for a discount? How can I get a reduced project fee? 

In most cases all of our prices quoted are final prices. However, we do offer bulk discounts and partnership opportunities for qualified participants or entities. In addition to our bulk pricing, we offer deals and discounts only through our subscription service. If you're interested in subscribing to our newsletter and services, then you will be eligible for any offers that are sent out exclusively to members. Additionally, If your monthly spend exceeds over $4,000 USD then you may qualify for a partnership discount. For more information please ask your account executive. 

Can I bring existing work? What file types do you accept?  

Yes, you are more than welcome to bring your existing projects and files over to us. We will happily assist you with the completion of your projects. In regard to file types, we accept many files outputted from the most popular software. This includes Maya, 3DS Max, FBX, OBJ, AutoCad, Photoshop, and more. If you are in doubt, then please feel free to contact us to review whether or not we have software available to receive your file type. 

Any other questions?

We hope that our FAQ section has been fairly concise and digestible. It's our goal to make our processes as transparent and easy to understand as possible. In the event you have a question that is not listed on our FAQ, you may feel free to reach out to us through our support email.